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Today marked the 8 years I begin my life in US soil.  I am in a happy and positive place. I find myself loving my little nook I called home the past years.

Not too long ago, I have to fly home due to family emergencies. I brought little luggage and left my young children behind with my husband holding the fort. I trust they are in good hands. This trip was necessary and we made it happen. The long flight was uneventful and I am so glad. As I landed at KKIA, my heart filled with gladness and my eyes watered, I am home.

My little brother picked me up at the airport and brought me straight to the hospital. Kota Kinabalu was no longer the town I once knew. More shopping malls seems to mushroom everywhere. Did I mentioned there were more hotel that I doubt were needed in this economy. My head spins as I try to adjust my brain to the road and traffic.  I am so used to driving in the right side of the road, this British flow was giving me major headache. I decided to focus on the building in…

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