Christmas Gifts

I know it is only November, but it always lift my spirit thinking about Christmas. We shall have to wait for another month but making an early start on the Christmas list isn't a bad idea after all.

I have been pretty diligent on doing my shopping way ahead of time, learning this from my mom, who always think about gifts for other whenever she has time to shop or chance to travel.  What are the odds of finding a perfect gifts at the eleven hour a week before Christmas?  It may be too late, too expensive or worst you are left with stuffs that left-over by other late shoppers.

There's an old saying, "It's the thoughts that count."  

Really? I can detect disappointment miles away.  I believe this saying only apply to the giver rather than the receiver.

I have been trying to find out what are the ideal gifts and what not,  this doesn't make me an expert shoppers but over the years.  You get to know what things to avoid.

I heard guys complain about this gifts before:
  1. Shirt and pants (this include t-shirt, sweater, work shirt, shorts etc) 
  2. Socks
  3. Handkerchief 
  4. Christmas ornament
  5. Pen
Not really a great gifts for a gal
  1. Odd size Picture frame (this thing will stay on your table..pictureless for awhile until its time to re-gift this gift)
  2. Towel (I don't even know why, maybe they thought you need a shower)
  3. Decorative art work (unless the person loves art, I beg to differ then.)
  4. CD of old movies. (who watch CD nowadays?)
  5. Weighing Scales (really? get a grip guys, remember girls don't like to be reminded about their body) 

This is probably just my ideas of starting of my own Christmas if you all have your own, please write on the comments, so we have ideas, what gals or guys really like to get for Christmas!

My Christmas List:

Marshall's gifts card (who doesn't love Marshall?)

A free night stay up North Shore (I love vacation)

Light thin Laptop (MacBook Air ;;-))

Piggy banks ---full of coin...;-)

At the end, really I loves all those gifts I received so far.  Nothing is really bad gifts when you get down to it.  The fun anticipation, the great companionship whether good friends, families, partner etc are something that that no money can buy.  When you willing to share your home, food and companionship with others during the season of giving, nothing can beat that!


  1. December is fast approaching, so there's no time to waste really.
    Oh and according to Daily Express (blip) yesterday was already 24th December 2011. I dont know why i took the time and post such a pointless error by DE. Hehe

  2. Christmas is just around the corner, i cant bliv how fast time flies. Soon, Evan will turn one. What i love about Christmas(bside the presents) is family reunion. I wish my sis will b home for Christmas. ;)

  3. hai moi,

    i dont give towels as gift for the same reason as yours BUT you can give me towels anytime hahaha! i love collecting towels, unique/cute spoons and really cute blanket!

    and i second you about that weighing scales, a definite no no for me :D hahaha...


  4. I feel homesick during this joyful season. It is a happy occasion but somehow my Christmas is incomplete without the present of families and friends back home.


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