Tree hunting adventure

We went tree hunting the week before, it was fun filled week.  We had a nice breakfast at local cafe before we started the day's hard work.  It was a really good breakfast, I had huge meal consist of two egg benedict with the side of fried potatoes.  It was fantastic meal, good food and amazing companies complete the week, it was a blast!  Although the air was crisp and chilly,  the luck was on our side because it wasn't windy and no snow to hinder the activities.  We found our tree almost immediately after we started our search.  It's a shorter and full tree, just right for the bay window.  We moved on to see if there's other option available, fortunately I took a photo right before that.  After making sure the other tree didn't measure up to the first two we saw, we headed back to the one we picked earlier.  It took me awhile to find the tree, matching the tree to the photo I took was pretty challenging but I succeeded! Yay!  With the help of a small hand saw and elbow grease, we finally got our tree.  We couldn't resist getting a hot apple cider and a donut for doing such a great job.  It was fun day.  I believe the dog enjoy it more than we do!

Many trees..but which one will come home with us?

No snow but cold...

Get down and dirty, this is a man job!

Almost..almost there.

There...we got it!

Shake shake shake.. make sure that we don't bring squirrel home 

They sell pretty Christmas Wreath too.

More wreath up close

Very cool machine that tie the twine around the tree

Tree is all snug and tight

We stuffed 5 trees on this truck!

The lake is cover with snow

Daisy, our favorite mascot busy saying hi to everyone

Tree on top of an SUV

While the guy is keeping the tree on, not a normal sight..interesting.


  1. lovely tree moi!

    cant wait to see your tree with full deco!

    miss ya *hugssss*


  2. Hi dear..I don't know about getting the decor up on the tree this year. The cats went wild as soon as we erected the gorgeous tree in the middle of the room. One went up and sat on the tree branch wild the other one distracted by the prickly leaves. I guess this year, we make do with just the tree and the lights...and the cats if you counted them the tree ornaments. :-)


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