Things you may not know about your cat

This post is especially dedicated to all cat lovers out there, I have been reading an interesting article lately and these are some of the cat behavior that made you go mmmmeow.

If you observe closely, you will noticed how sensitive cats are to your mood. Whether you are sad, angry or happy,  cat will react appropriately.  One time, my husband was laying on the couch having this horrible toothache.  My black and white tabby came right on his chest and started licking his hair and face, as if trying to sooth his pain.  I was so touched with the compassionate shown by mere house pet.  We always wish that everyone would behave as such.

Cat's communicate through their nose, it's the sign of recognition to the other cats smell and what they have been up to.

Cats clean their teeth with meat, so give them strip of meat to chew on for cleaner dental health.

Cats don't always take nap.  They went into total relaxation and produce same brainwave like when we dream.  Who would know, cats are better at yoga than us.

Cats purr remained a mystery and nobody positive sure how it actually made.

A cat purr isn't always good, deep purring could mean they are in pain. Awwww. 
Cats adored sun, it's in their genetics.
Cat required positive reinforcement, instead of punishing them for the undesirable habit. Praise them if they did good.
Cat doesn't eat chocolate.  They would get really sick or even die from eating chocolate.

Cats blink or narrow their eyes when they accidentally make eye contact. They actually uncomfortable.  Remember "It's rude to stare"

Cat prefer baby talked when they trying to communicate with their owner but they would give adult meows to other cat.


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