Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet

On our road trip to Indy 500, we drove through Wisconsin, where they area is famous for their cheese!  Nobody can turn down a chance to stop at cheese shop here and if you are lucky, you get to sample some cheese too.  This Cheese shop is just across from the Holiday Express Inn where we spent the night. 
If you happened to be from out of the country, the distinct ingredients in most American comfort food is the cheese.  Unlike the usual cheddar cheese we normally purchase from our local deli back in South East Asia, there are varieties of cheese here that just absolutely delicious!  My own preference is strong tasting cheese such as smoked cheese.  I could just eat them with crackers or just on its own!  In moderation, cheese are pretty nutritious and loaded with Calcium, so it should be a guiltless food.

The front of the cheese store

Back side of the cheese store mascot

Another side of the store

Interesting molded hats and Wisconsin Map carved out of Cheese

Just some decor in the store

The many varieties of cheese to choose from.

I found this shrink wrap cheese very eye catching

This will be favorite for the kids!


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