Winter meet Falls in November

The sky match the color of snow
Just sharing some pictures of my first snow here in the states. It has been really cold for me, coming from the equator doesn't help much. I think I wore 3 layers of clothes just to keep me warm, otherwise I might not even be able to function here. But I can not stop wonder how beautiful the season is. I woke up looking at that white landscape and the snow, I can not contain my excitement! The 1st time it snowed, the temperature was about 2C. It was so cold, but after shovelling outside with heavy coat, I started to sweat profusely. It just so nice to go back into the house and enjoy the snow from the comfort of our house through our double pane window.
The trees look awesome

The road was clear...thank goodness!

Lovely scenery just at the park close by

Foot print on the snow

The little white house covered with snow

Snow on the tree cause them to break

The field was covered with snow
Less visibility when it snow
The trees no longer has leaves


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