Wedding Supplier in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The date was set for the wedding, it was the biggest thing in a girl life to have a memorable wedding day.  I can understand the thrill, the headache and the frustration of all the brides out there.  The reason why I write the post is to at least offer some comfort and tips to you who needed some help with Sabah wedding suppliers.

The Dresses

These are some good ones which I recommend, they have good service and the best thing is they do not hagger over you to get most expensive package offers. Kota Kinabalu may have more bridal shops besides those stated here, however these are the bridal shop that I've shortlisted for my wedding.

Bridal Boutique
Now and Forever Bridal at Taman Fortuna, Luyang (My pick!)
Life Studio Bridal at Millenium Plaza, Petagas
The One at Lintas Plaza

Dresses for sales
E-Noveal Bridal (This was not available during my wedding, but It has so many selection that I am sure all future brides would find useful stuffs here) at Centrepoint.
Zheng Boutique at Citymall

Rent VS Buy
This is a personal choice, some brides hope that her dress could be handed down to the children one day, but let's face the fact, do you really want to wear your mother wedding dress?  There're some brides who wish to wear new dress, in order for that to happen, they have to get one tailor made in order and buy them.  This will cost a bomb and not very practical at all.

Why I pick the bridal boutique?
I am sure brides out there would ask me why I pick Now and Forever over the rest.  It is not a decision made overnight.  Before I set out to shop, I sat down and write what I need from the boutique.  Once that's done, working with the sales assistance become much easier.  Instead of getting bullied to buy a package that I can never afford, I was the one in control telling the sales assistant what I wanted.  Now and Forever has been very helpful and never complaint or show dislike whenever I drop by to try out my gown.  At the end I am satisfied.  My mom actually pick my gown and it fitted me great and I love it!

Who should be there for the dress fitting?
I went to bridal to try so many times, with mom, with close friends and with my sister.  It is very important to have someone opinion as sometimes they know what look best on you.  But don't bring an entourage of friends and opinionated family members.  It will hit yourself on your face, too much ideas and it will be too confusing.  At the end you as a bride opinion will get lost and worst you may go out with gown that you don't like.  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD and don't just follow the crowd.

Why NO fiance should see the gown before the wedding?
I don't know about others, my fiance never get to see the gown until the wedding day.  His eyes just glow and I can see how mesmerizing he looked.  That is what I opt for. Besides, it is also depends if he is comfortable to be in a lady's fitting room selling/renting out wedding gown.  There is also a superstition about "BAD LUCK" for a fiance to see the dress on the bride before wedding day.  SO to be safe, just don't let them see it.  I am sure you look beautiful even if you are wrap up in garbage bag!

The Cake

Delicious and beautiful cake is a must. I went around the internet, bakery and even homebakers to find a good cake makers. It is very difficult since all the bakers doesn't provide samples cake flavors, so all you have go with is the recommendation by friends and families.

These are the shortlisted bakers I can vouch on

Wedding cake
Pinkroses Cake - Cake and Cupcakes ( My pick!)

Yes, there is only one that I can really trust with my wedding cake.;-)
I takes me 2 visits to Emma's Pink Roses before I decided to hire her, I have asked my friends for recommendation since I never tried her cake before.  She doesn't have a bakery and working entirely from home, which made me skeptical but trust me I tried her cake and I was and still very satisfied.  It exceed my expectation and as you see I am her fan on Facebook as well.

For my anniversary, I decided to order same cake with swan couple. Emma, the baker,  throw in the swans free as my anniversary gifts!

But I've tried few others which I believe worth to try such as:

Deanascake (Cupcakes and cake)
Elizabeth Homebaked Cake (Cake and decor)

Ms Ethel's cupcakes

I tried Ms Ethel cupcakes during my sister wedding, its a gift from her friend. It was delicious.


I went to do research on few hotels and restaurant around for delicious food, good rate and location in Kota Kinabalu area. Again, there are more choice out there but these are my preference based on their service and food. Hotel will have better ambiance and service but food are generic. Most hotel charge from RM700 onward per table and that doesn't include tax and corkage for liquor and beers. Restaurants are becoming very popular for event, in fact some restaurant have upgraded their ballroom to cater for more guests and events, food in the restaurants are better prepare and of good quality. Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu range between RM300-RM600 depends on menu and quality.

My choices are:

Ocean seafood (Halal) - My Pick!
Supertaker (Non Halal)
Mayflower (Non Halal)
Grand Port View (Halal)
Port View (Halal)

Promenade (simple but at town centre)
Beverly (simple with unusual ballroom layout)
Hyatt (parking constraint but great ambient)
Magellan (high end with huge ballroom)
Shangrila Tg. Aru (high end, garden wedding available)

Catering Service
Dragon Penampang - Pick for home cook buffet style!
Mee and Cake at Penampang (old servay) - Pick for light refreshment and finger food!

I actually attended few occasion held at all the above caterers, hotels and restaurant.  They have extensive menu and capable function planner but I like Ocean for their decor and food.  Dragon has been in the business for as long as I can remember.  They always on time and the food were great and warm went it arrive.  I absolutely love Mee and Cake, it takes awhile before I locate their shop at the old Servay Penampang but I really like the finger foods, the package and the varieties of meals they offered.

The Make up
Lilian Touch My pick!

Some tips to choose suppliers
  1. Make a trip to meet the suppliers yourself
  2. Pick those you are comfortable to work with
  3. Call them a few days before wedding to confirm the date again.
  4. Just because they are expensive doesn't mean they will deliver, look at their work piece and get review from friends or other brides.

Door gifts/ wedding favors - Optional, it is personal preference. Some may think it's a waste of money but some think of it as a remembrance or even a token of appreciation for the guests.  I decided to have door gifts for my guests who give up their time to attend the wedding. As this will take up a huge chunk of the expenses.  I put some of my decorative touches on them to save some cost.

My wedding favors choice are:
Oriental fan -tied with used wrapping paper (My pick Restaurant reception)
Bag of sweets (My pick for Home reception)
Handmade paperweight
traditional vase

Where to buy?
If you choose to buy,  make a side trip to KL for the affordable ones , Air Asia deals are a steal! Petaling street, Mydin and Jalan Masjid India offer wide varieties. However nowadays, it is as easy as a click of a mouse and you'll get to see many choice online.

Again this is optional, some brides prefer to have family member to pitch in and help on this.

I myself love to have it simple, I am very lucky to have many talented friends who are willing to sing for my wedding.  I also hired a cultural dance troop for the night (Era Budaya). They did so spectacularly, it worth every cent we paid for it! They also come in package with MC and 3 piece band.

I am not sure this is a good choice, that is why it took me a while to post this up.  I don't think anyone is truly satisfied with their photographer.  Having married a Caucasian man, I suppose my photographer was more excited with my husband side of the families than mine.  I discovered later that from my side of the families, there were just few off the frames shots,  to add to my frustration, there are more photos of the dancers, some stranger dancer seems to take up more frames than my own family.  Some photographer has limited 600 photos!  When you decided to choose photographer, make sure you can get as much photos as possible.

Do I think Studio photo is better? Not really, the wedding photos should be day of your actual wedding! Some great photos I actually got from an amateur photographer.  It is your choice. How much is too much?  After 2 years of marriage, I hardly go back and check my wedding photo at all.  So I don't think you should splurge too much on this. 2k less is the best amount for a start, just my 2cent.


  1. Hye.. would really wannna know bout the ..

    The Make up
    Lilian Touch

    Im having my wedding on this Oct.. :)

  2. Hi,
    Congrats on your upcoming nuptial.
    You may contact her at 016-8300336.
    Her shop is at Asiacity, above the Pete's corner cafe. She's great and I like her style.

  3. may i know who's ur photographer?

    1. I rather not say. :-)

  4. Your blog is very informative ,thank you! I am especially curious about the entertainment. Is there a website or a video we can watch the performances? Also, how do we contact them?

    1. I don't know if they have a formal website. I got their contact through my dad. I usually contact them via email.
      Claire was very good with email. Promt response and professional.

  5. Hi there, if you don't mind I'm asking, how much is to buy a wedding gown from the shop? I mean those are already available in the shops. I'm still considering whether to rent or to buy one.

    1. No. I don't mind. I did not buy my wedding dress. It was rented from "Now and Forever Bridal at Taman Fortuna, Luyang ". However I did have traditional Kadazan dress made for the home reception. You can check out Kadazan Traditional Dress post. Wedding dress could cost from 200/= to 1500/= depending on the quality of the material and the style. I've been married for 5 years now and I do not regret renting my bridal gown. At the end, what come down to it is more important to have a happy marriage as oppose to a perfect wedding.

  6. Hi... I am actually stuck of should i buy wedding dress or get it tailor. I wanted simple dress but its in red and gold... The only thing should make me stand out is that veil. Furthermore, dresses that I wish to wear is a no no for me as i am in hijab . any idea?

  7. I think you are in the right path, a dramatic veil will bring out classy style on simplest gown. There are not many modest and pretty wedding gown design, perhaps tailor made will be the way to go.


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