Lilies Diversity

Hey..hey..It's time of the year where my garden are just outrageously arrayed with multi-color blossom.  I added some more flowers to my tiny garden like Dahlia, Marigold, Lavender and etc.  I am not fanatic over flowers but just I am just one of million people out there who delight in seeing their garden bloom at this time of the year.

Geranium was a homecoming gift from my mom in law who is an avid gardener!

First one to bloom, the iris.

My roses are just amazing this year!

Just a simple touch on the porch.

All the flower seemingly trying to out-best one another, all of them are my favorite!

The color is just perfect!

More lilies, and my dusty miller (supposedly an annual plant) actually came back this year.

Deep blood red lilies, just lovely.

All flowers are blooming at once, they are mesmerizing.

My center piece, I added sphere color changing solar lights to add zest to the corner garden.  The varieties of lilies are crown of glory for this area.

These dahlia bulbs was preserved last fall and I planted them early spring, look how they turn out!

Deep orange lilies never cease to amaze me

Pure white lily, never get tired of them.


  1. ur camera captured the flowers color vividly...really like the pictures. Nice!

  2. Thank you for the compliment..:-)


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