Norske Nook

On our way to Indy500, we decided a year ago that we must stop by at our favorite breakfast nook in Wisconsin.  It is about 2 hours from where we live and we plan our trip in such a way that it'll be just about brunch when we get to Norske Nook.  Norske Nook served Norwegian as well as American favorite dishes.  It is a home cook family style diner which a place for local and out of townee like us to enjoy.  The best thing on the menu I can say is the pies, not one or two but just a whole list of award winning blue ribbon pies!  In fact we even bought a jar of homemade jam home with us.

Corned Beef Has & Egg with Bisquick on the side

The pies gallery

Outside of the diner

Gourmet Grilled cheese on sourdough and chillies

Country Fried steak

Blueberry cream cheese pie (only regret, didn't add warmed ice cream on top!)


  1. yummilicious.....droooollll

  2. Trust me..the food is really delicious. Too bad we can't capture the smell.


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