Autumn in the air

Autumn or fall is the best time or most said their favorite time of the year!  I can't agree more, you can just smell the crispiness of the chill air.  The lovely shades of red, yellow and orange just a feast for the eyes.  I am glad we have a beautiful maple tree just in front of the yard, so for that one week, I would pull up the blind and just enjoy the falling leave..I wish the photo could capture the sound of light breeze and falling leaves.  It just so wonderful and peaceful.  It made me forget how stressful work is for just few second.
Another great activity to enjoy during fall season is apple picking at the orchard.  This year the season has been pretty weird, so frost came early and most farm weren't able to yield as much harvest as they did last years.  So they didn't offer "pick your own" apples.  We search in the good old internet to find a farm which actually offer that. I know what you are thinking, what? Those are granny smith apples!  Well not really, the green apples are call "Honey Gold".  Trust me, they are so delicious that I have to forego those Haralson, Firesides and Honey crisp this time around.  It's a bucket full of honey gold to bring home this year!   
Other fun things to do at the orchard are tractor ride, corn maze, pumpkin picking etc.  I also enjoy warm mini apple donuts, they sure are yummy when those tiny donut came straight from boiling oil!


  1. oh my God! that's so beautiful!! i must go for autumn holiday one of these days!!

  2. LIKE!!! sgt2 cantik the view. i wish someday i can bring my children to visit here... :-)


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