I see a bird, I see a plane...and a lot of planes!

It was a hot summer day when my husband thought it's a good idea to check out the Minnesota Air show not 20 minutes away.  To say it was a hot day was and understatement,  I felt like I was broiled alive.  SO my focus is pretty skewed by the 3rd airplane  I seen at the field.  All I can think of was to look for a shaded area to cool off.  It was funny because I was not alone, there were a lot of shade seeker out there, making room for each other so we can actually stay off the blazing sun.  Nonetheless, the place was pretty cool,  if you are into aeronautical stuffs, this is a place to go.  I am more interested with the art-work on the plane,  the design depict the character of the pilot and most of them I can say have a lot of sense of humor!  Check out some of the photos here and enjoy!


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