Round Barn Bread & Breakfast In Red Wing

Our recent weekend getaway was just wonderful and romantic. I would recommend it to any couple, regardless how long your relationship are, I think Everyone would enjoy some form of R & R. We spent our night at a quaint B&B at Red Wing, off the road from highway 61, about 6 miles from town. It has substantial acreage and few out buildings on it. The round barn which was how the establishment is named after was one of the buildings. You can't miss it, it is  right there on the property just as you drive into the house. 
Round barn at night

Restored Round barn at the B&B

The pretty victorian built to fit modern amenities with old world architecture
We were smitten by the house itself, it was a red brick Victorian and had a  charming porch with few seating area. Now, who doesn't want a porch at their place? Made me want to reconfigure our little house back home. Perhaps I can sneak in a little porch somewhere.  As we knock on the door, we were greeted by our host and were invited into this lovely entrance, to the left was a glass case of the replica of the original round barn. We were told that It used to be a honey factory. There were few cute decorations which introduced the flavor of early 1900. Pretty hardwood floors throughout the entire place. There were a staircase leading to the bedrooms upstairs while there was a door on the right leading to a family room. Huge fireplace sat on one wall while there's more Knicks knacks the guests can enjoy. Puzzles, games, piano, books and some treats on the coffee table.
Model of the round barn when it served as honey processing area

One of the fire place in the living room

Piano and other items for guest to enjoy 

Perhaps a reading nook at the screened porch.

Beautiful cabinet at the kitchen 

Another fire place at the dining room

A large dining room where we have breakfast in the morning.

An antique sleigh that function as book shelves.

Wagon was used as coffee table.

OK, clearly I am not a fisherman.  I have no idea most of these conversation. Thankfully my husband does.

Another door from the hallway leads to a formal dining room with a table that seats 12 people. There was a large cabinet with intricate woodwork stood on one of the walls. Each cabinet doors was careful carved with figures from the era when the cabinet was built.  Another massive fireplace filled one side of the wall. It was made from the original stones blocks the old house was built in. As you traveled through each rooms, every nook and cranny tells a story or better yet, you can always imagined one up yourself.

There was a gathering area right outside the room. Lots of puzzles games, a table chess and books again. There was a stocked mini fridge and a coffee/tea station for the guests.

Another guest area by the 2nd floor.
Our room was the smallest bedroom but I personally think the sweetest. It has a queen size bed with heavy down quilt covers and fluffy white pillows. I have to be careful not to drool on them at night. There is a bathroom one corner, Big jet tub one side, a desk, a dresser, an electric stove fireplace and a reading nook. It was a decent size room and just right for us. The room is actually facing the garden where the barn was. 
Bath tub with Jet for a relaxing bath.

Writing journal while enjoy a cuppa tea.

Snacks of muffin before breakfast at 830am

Lovely queen bed with thick down blanket.

Our breakfast was consist of three course meal, we were first served fruit cocktails in a wine glass.  Then came spinach quiche and bacon.  My husband who gross out with eggs has mentioned his preferred "no egg" breakfast so he got a very delicious pancake instead.  Then last we have orange or lemon custard pie.  So delicious and filling, I could have a second but since nobody asked, so I didn't either.

Fruit cocktail

Spinach quiche and bacon

Lemon and orange custard 

Right after breakfast, we were given tour of the round barn.  Now, this set this B&B apart from the others. Round barn is scarce nowadays since it's function has ceased to fit the modern used.  Back in the days the round barn is more efficient and structurally sound especially in the midwest were tornado and typhoon is a typical occurrence.  However, the round shape is no longer consider effective as it limits the space to extend in nowadays farm lives.

Spiral shapes actually gives illusion of curve on each planks. 

Rob demonstrated how cow was held for milking

An old wagon decorate the barn.  If you look closely, there's a cable holding the structure to keep it straight.

Plenty of window in the barn to keep the lights in.

This was a wonderful stay, my only wish is that we could stay another day here just to relax and just not stress over money and work. It made me appreciate what I have and give me the energy boost I needed badly to get back to the busy uncaring world.


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