When Rimau and Lucky found their Forever home

Time flies, this Dec will marked the fifth years we had the two cats adopted from Rainbow Rescue from Burnsville.  Both cats fondly called our Meows were claimed to be siblings and so when we fell in love with the tuxedo cat we called Lucky, Rimau came into the bargain. You can't separate sibling cats, the adoption agency said. I doubted that ever siblings since both have different coloring and they have different temperament. But we end up loving both meows equally if not Rimau more. Rimau is a calico, so sweet and endearing that you can't help falling in love with with her. Lucky is just a riot. 
I know, they just so irresistible!

He'll chase Rimau around if the mood strikes him. He doesn't care for people picking him up. He gets antsy if you rub him the wrong way. Lucky however loves to snuggle in bed with us or with my son. He'll alternate between the two rooms throughout the night. Its nice to wake up having warm furry meow next to you. 
Rimau loves to snuggle to my baby son

Initially, we meant to adopt one cat. But I think we made the right choice when I watched both cats have their paws around each other in a lazy afternoon. They meant to be together. 
I think cats like any pet help alleviate stress and keep us balance.
How can you resist the "Rimau stare"

If you are in the fence about having a cat, here are some FAQ you may like to know. 
Is it difficult to care for a cat?
No. You just have to feed them, clean their litter daily and play with them. 
Do they stink the house?
Not if you keep their litter clean. Cats prefer clean litter, if it gets full, they may go somewhere else to relieve themselves. 
Are they expensive?
Depends, my husband told me to provide good food for our meows. Good food=healthy cat, this means less visit to the vet. The cat food which caused us about 18/- will last us 1 and half months for two cats. 
What if you go out of town? 
Cats are actually easy to take care, we only get friends or family to put water, feed them and change the litter daily. They have each other so they don't get lonely, really. 
Any problem with baby in the house?
No. I never left the cats entirely alone with our baby. We haven't had problems with both cats whenever my son is playing with them. We remind our son to always be gentle when petting animals, so that's help. 
Is it expensive to adopt a cat at shelter?
We pay $150/- up front, this covers for their first vet visit and neuter/spay. I think this is cheap since the cats has gone through check-up and health review prior to adoption. 

Are they litter trained?
Both cats are litter trained when we got them from the shelter.  

We hope that more people would look into adopting the animals in the shelter. 
You can go to this website:
Or go to Pet supplies plus at Burnsville, there's pet adoption drive every Saturday from 12 to 3 pm

You can also go to your local SPCA or Humane society to see what you can do to help out these furry friends.
Yearning to roam around outside


  1. Yes. They are probably twice the size of Sabah cats. I think it's because they are indoor cats and also due to food they have.


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