In Their Little World

Today like any other day, I make a trip down to the playground with my children. My son insisted that we do that so we can "exercise". I like the idea.  Since my son birth and with busy career and kids, exercise has never a priority. So I make a point to go for my daily walk with a side trip to the park.

There are children of many ages that come here and my son has never have problems getting involved in whatever kids were playing.  However today it is different. The first instance my son saw other kids, he would immediately engaged and start playing but one kid in particular were not interested and just ran off. When my son try to get closer, while I sat on the park bench observing them, I heard this child said to another child, "He has different skin, he's not like us," He turned to my son and said," I don't want to play with you. "

At this moment, the child father came straight to his son and have a talk to him. I know, in time, the child will learn to get along and that skin color is just that, colors. It doesn't define your character. Just a short time later, another group of friends came around and my son already playing chase with another kid and they having best of time.

This event affected me more than it does my son. Simply because I am also a minority in the place I grew up.  I cannot control how others feel towards my children as they grew up, but I want them to understand that the world is made out of different people. There are many good people and some who made bad choices. We can always move on and find others who wants to play in our sandbox.  My son never care what color of his friends skin are. I never thought of ever making a reference to it.  There is no reason to, in their world, things are not complicated. I just hope it stays that way for a little while yet. As a parents, we play an important role to instil a good deal of morale value in our children and also to remind them that we are here for them. My son teach me a valuable lesson today too. I asked him what he do if other children don't want to play with him. He said, "I'll just walk away and play with other friends."

My son playing on his own at the park.


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