Local Business Matters

My beautiful gift for myself on Christmas
I have been very good at making smart purchase online lately, well, that's not entirely true.  I tried to be good at shopping online.  I feel that I tend to go overboard every time November month loom ahead, the holiday seasons has started and sales signs appeared almost instantaneously when you turn on your internet browser.

This year I have been making lots of afford to promote small businesses, whether it's my locale or others.   Every time I see or red about a store closing, my heart sank.  Surely, there must be something we all can do to help this small businesses continue, especially those that have been around over the years.  It is very unfortunately, overhead cost were getting too pricey and that the sales just doesn't cut it.  It has nothing to do about quality, I know small business owner cares about their products and would sure love to get repeating sales from their regulars.

I make several big purchases via local jewelry store called Wixon Jewelers, well not I, my husband did.  I got a pair of amethyst earrings, they are very pretty tear drops gems that not gaudy and old. The store has been around for awhile, they serve complimentary cookies and coffee for customer.  The sales clerks are mostly helpful, although, I feel a little intimidated to go in the store on my own because well, sales people really pushy sometimes. But they are polite and let you go on your way to browse through selections, but not far if you have questions.

I also patronize a small coffee shop called Mugshots Coffee Company.  They serve the best caramel latte ever!  My son would come up the cash register and ask for "hot chocolate please" which they comply by giving him extra whipped cream too.  Good manners goes a long way, I tell you.

Caramel Latte at Mugshots Coffee Co.
When Christmas loom ahead,  we tried checking out local stores to get our kids presents but it is impossible.  So we head to Toys R us and make a big purchase item there for both kids.  I am a little disappointed that the prices are crazy expensive.  I mean, a kid shopping cart for $39.99, really?  But I feel like nothing caught my eyes, the store was just too big, too confusing and I am exhausted.  On our way back,  we decided to check out a small toy store we caught as driving along freeway.  It was called ABC and Toy land.  The store front wasn't very inviting and honestly, I was not impress at first.  I change my mind after walking into a very organize, nicely rearrange and very helpful sales assistant.  We get a nice short tour of the store has and both my husband and I eventually found good decent toys at reasonable price.  The store is family own and has unique selection of toys at any ages, we will definitely come back next holiday around.

ABC and Toy Zone
The most expensive purchase I did last year was a work bag. Not just a bag, but the bag.  Leather material with copper buckles and pretty stitchings.  The old bag has served me well for the past 6 years working.  The holder frayed all over the place and there are scratches all over the bag that look so beat up and sad looking.  So I make my point, I need a new bag.  It took me for awhile to research for a bag,  I want USA made and I want one that last awhile.  I did not know that both that combine could cost me some moolah.  It was discerning at first, but I finally found an online store called Copper River Bags.  There inventories look great, I love the design and I like the selections.  I finally took advantage of the Christmas sales and bought myself an early gift.  For something that is made in this country, I think it is a great deal and I was surprise that they are affordable.
Cooper River Voyager Laptop bag

I have since purchased many more items made locally and I have not been disappointed yet.  The product I can tell are well made and I am a very satisfy customer.  Least to say I will go back for more local made stuffs.

If you want to see a list of product made in the USA.  You can start from this "list".


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