Teapot Debuckle

I am surprise that my top post over the years is about cat. There's nothing wrong with loving a fuzzy animal. Anyways before I digress further from the topic, lets talk about teapot and why am I into tea and that sort of things nowadays. I recently read a mystery book title Mystery at Wisteria Tea Room" and the fancy tea party just intrigue me more so these days. It must be because of my dream of stress free chilling days when I can have "me" time without interuption.

So there I was, after reading the book, I literally went out and research everything about tearoom, the teaset, the scones and tiny sandwiches, on my way to create my own little haven. I even went as far as looking for tea house around the city. Picturing myself in full 19 century garb and ridiculous looking hat, holding dainty dessert on my gloved hands.

Partial order that arrived intact.  
The thoughts both amuse and pleasing to me but it did't stop me from going to ebay and buy a teapot to match my existing blue danube cups. It took hours of my precious time and hit the buy button for this really cool blue white teapot and sit back and wait.

In the meantime I kept myself busy checking on tea room, cute tea sandwiches to occupy my thoughts. It did dawn on me that I am not a tea person, I love coffee so this didn't derail my plan for a tapot. I simply going to improvise, tea or coffee, both caffeine. I am sure not going to worry over it.

Candle holder was also broken.  Noticed how this box was packed with odds and ends. Pretty unusual and ineffective.
So the tea set came in the box yesterday, I anxiously wait until I can safely unpack my teapot. Although I did have my reservation over the packaging. It seems unusual that it cost less to ship some odd shapes teaset and using US postal too. As I slowly pull each item out and inspect them, my head felt giddy with excitement. It was very unconventional how the items packed. The box was stuffed with odd doilies, thrashes, paper towel. Then as I dug on the bottom to pull the teapot out, I feel parts of broken porcelains. Least to say, I was disappointed. So this was what become of my tea-escapade, broken teapot in a sad box.  I was bummed but I still cherish the idea of having my late noon hi-tea so I made email inquiry, contact the seller and got some money back.  My quest for another teapot continue....

Broken teapot in its' weird packaging


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