Tips for the bride

I always remember what my friend told me, this may not be on the top of any bride list. But trust me, it is well worth it!

Go for a whole body spa treatment few times before the wedding, I went every week for a month before the wedding and it does wonders, my skin was soft and glowing. My stress level lessen and I look radiant for my groom.

I also went for a manicure & pedicure. Now, althought the nail salon said fake nails are great. Say NO, no and no to fake nails. Fake nails needs a lot of care and maintenance, it breaks easily and its a hassle even to button up your jeans. My advice, go for normal manicure, if you like, art nail is wonderful if you have extra to spend or you find a good deal around. If not, just go for a clean simple nail manicure, remember that the photographer will zoom on your hands and fingers when you and the groom exchange the rings. Yes, now you remember..

Hair dye or glittering spray? I don't go for this either since my husband love my black hair and besides, the make up artist will give you fantastic look regardless. So I say don't over spend on this if you don't need to.

Shoes are a must and if you can, get a shoes that you can wear it over time instead of just for the wedding day itself. The dress is important but shoes is only to compliment the look. It doesn't have to be expensive, you can start shopping a year before, so you can buy them during sales seasons.

Hair accessories is not a requirement if your bridal boutique provide them. Just be caution, some boutique doesn't lend out their good jewellery, so I say it is good to have 1 or 2 handy for the wedding.

Studio photography is outdated, people are now going for the real wedding day photography. I suggest not to splurge on studio photos, my best photos are those taken on my wedding day. Talking through experience, I am glad I took the studio photography and did not spend a fortune on it. Besides it is a bonus since all I wanted is the rental of wedding dress and evening wear, so getting a simple album is an extra.

Cake is a centrepiece that people will look forward to during the wedding. Everyone is fascinated by it. But the only thing people will remember is how good the cake taste. Some of my friends told me after a year of my wedding that, the cake during my wedding was so delicious.


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