Weird tales of the Impatient

I have a joyest time tending to the garden, flowers look absolutely beautiful. When the lilies finished blooming, its time to replace them with some fall flowers. We have mums fall and some impatient on the garden now. The mums with all their lovely blooms of red, yellow and gold are looking absolutely lovely but different things happening to the impatients.
Just to show what I mean, I took the before and after pictures of these potted plants. These are photo taken right after I took them out of the blazing sun.

These are the photo I took after I moved them to a shaded area and water them to the hilt.
Strange, isn't it? Well if you notice your impatient suddenly look beyond saving, don't despair, just give them the water of life!


  1. berapa lama baru dia berdiri ni?

  2. Saya cek juga tu, dalam masa 1 jam la baru dia recover.

  3. mati suda tu anak krismas tree dr ikea.. mo kasi matari mungkin tu


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