Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival was held during weekend of summer and fall started from 21 Aug to 3 Oct 2010. We were fortunate to get a free ticket from a good friend to experience the outdoor living in the 16th century in England, where wigs and ruffles were in style for both sexes. We didn't dress-up for the event which made us the odd ones out in the kingdom of long lost year. It was a lovely sunny day to watch so many performance that day. Here's some memories I frozen in time before I came back to the millenia.
Triple juggler light a fire on a pretzel held in the mouth by the terified volunteer.

Interesting Puppet show
Johnny Ladder, if you reach the end and rang the bell, you get USD5.

Handmade Swords price at $300 for sales

Our greasy turkey leg, we get suck into buying these after seeing people walking around with turkey leg in their hands.
A lady playing some musical instrument outside a shop
Walking on rope that is on fire, trying to balance props on the head and juggling the same time. Very entertaining.
Fencing and try to pop the baloons on the opponents head.

Madieval Glass shop for the house anyone?

Any girl should have at least one mid century dress in their closet, you never know when you might need to wear it!
We came home all feeling rejuvanate and happy, I have secret fascination on the renaissance era, their carefree simple lives, colorful garment and just the story of knight of shining armour were just make it one of the most interesting time in the era that made people want to relive them over and over again.


  1. Ada ko beli tu baju ka? Sedap ka tu paha turkey? Cam lanut ja tu.

  2. Langsung nda sedap..tu kulit liat cam getah.


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