Car Crafts Show 2011

I am never a fan of cars, to me, they are convenient to have as means of transportation.  That is all to it. I never give them any thought and I found annual maintenance to be slight inconvenience and road tax an annoying task and  insurance renewal was expenses that I can live without.  It is so different here where cars to most people are an art or craft that you can restore and enhance.

So today is my 2nd time to visit the car show,  it is no longer a chore, and now I guess  appreciate them even more, specially you know how much sweat equity was invest into them.  They mounted top of the line engine, leather upholstery, restore and repainted the coat to it's original glory and voila...a craftsman creation we come to admire.

Still not convince? Maybe these photos will beg you to differ.
Trans Am


66's Mustang

2010 Mustang

63' s Impala

65 Cobra

77 Trans Am

56's Chevy

Silver Corvette

Red Corvette

Pimp Mobile

Pontiac Firebird

The Bug

Chevy Corvette

Dodge Challenger

Chevy Pick-up


Did just see that? Flat screen in the trunk!
Being a girl I can't hep admiring the smooth, shiny paint job.  They are fantastic and truly and art!


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