My Kindle

When I go on my trips, someone bound to ask, "What is that you reading?"
"Oh, this is Kindle, I can read books on this." I would patiently reply.

When I start checking out e-reader, I realize there were so many choice out there, is the online shopping website which I could buy stuffs and read the buyer reviews that can help making my decision easier. 

I got my very own kindle last Christmas, it has been awhile and I now can easily guide newbies on how to start up with yours. The 1st time I hold my kindle, I just jump with joy! I always wanted them, been looking at them for months, finally my husband bought me one for Christmas. I got the WiFi & 3G enable and I can basically surf internet if I choose to. But normally I just indulge myself with my beloved books. Never again I have to travel with books. 
The pro of Kindle compare to other e-readers are the weight, it is lighter than a normal book and you can actually store 5000 e-book in them, besides the battery life last for over a month if you didn't turn on the wireless system. I also like the way it turn on energy saving wallpaper when the Kindle go on idle for awhile. The screen-saver would change every single time it went idle into some cool picture.

It doesn't come with backlight, so you will have to get separate light fixture to read in the dark. After enduring having the bedroom light on in bed, my husband bought me a clip-on book light for my birthday. 

The only accessories I actually bought was the Kindle leather cover for pretty cheap at $17. You can actually find a good bargain in Amazon just as if you do normal shopping in the store.
I actually drop my kindle right after I have this cover on, and it was a good thing it has a cover. My kindle was safe so from early dismiss. This may be an option but you will be glad to have them.

Here's the complete assembly of my beloved kindle. It's my companion when I travel. I totally recommend to everyone who is thinking of getting an e-reader. 

Nowadays, you can easily download ebooks from online website such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Borders with affordable low prices.  But if you prefer to try out some website that offer free ebook, you can try Project Gutenberg.  These website offers wide range of ebooks that can be easily download through wireless or 3G connection.

Hope you enjoy the Kindle ad:


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