Lilies of the fields

I always love lilies, they are one of those generous plants that grow in abundance during spring and summer.  They last for such short time but they bring tremendous joy to everyone who cast eyes on them.  They bloom and bloom until the last stalk standing. Then they went away, buried under dried leaves and snow.  But when the last drop of snow melt, new sprout eagerly appear on the flower bed. Green leaves and promises of blossom even more than the year before.

It has been feast for the eyes when we chance to stop at farmers market or garden depot.  Even garden's department at Menards or Home Depot has plenty of flowers to pick from.  My little garden was merely a tiny plot compare to the vast selection of flowers on display at the stores, but I love my flowers nonetheless.
Here's some of them lilies that  has given me such pleasure this spring and early summer.


Millburn Longiflorum-Asiatic

Rosepoint Lilies

Tiger Lilies
Calla Lily
Eyeliner Asiatic


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