Hershey's PA Chocolate Land

I love Chocolate, specially the bitter sweet.  When opportunity came for me on a business trip to PA, I jumped on the idea to visit Hershey's factory!  Imagine going onto the land of Hershey, the town has unique street lights, you guess it, Hershey Kisses Street lights along the town road. You'll be amazed with the street sign, Cocoa street and chocolate street. It must be exciting to have that as an address.  Hershey is a small town where the entire community major business is tourism aside from chocolate manufacturing.   There are fun-filled things to do.  There're park, museum, factory tour, movie theater and the must go place...souvenir shop.

After going through the history about Milton Hershey, I realize that Hershey is more than just sweet delight.  The industry help built the town, develop the people and change lives of many.  Milton established the manufacturing plant in 1903.  It took him even longer to make Hershey's Chocolate into perfection.  HE and his wife Catherine even gave back to community by building an orphan school and gave them chance for better living.  The story is so inspiring.  A person from humble beginning but raised to become famous icon to the modern day.

Sharing with you here are my Willy-Wonka moment, enjoy!
Front of the Hershey building

The chocolates welcoming us!

Chocolate tour is real cool!

Part of the souvenir store   

Old Chocolate Mixture as focal point in the store

3D Movie Cinema

Cool Neon Lights

The singing cows

And their wagging tails..

Keeping the consistency of the chocolate
Kisses as the street lights

Reese package ready for picking
Chocolates everywhere 


  1. mana willy wonka? tu penjahat tu

  2. Teda pula willy wonka...but syok la sebab kami dapat enjoy free ride dalam chocolate tunnel.


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