Simple guide to Kindle

This is the continuation to how to use Kindle, which is easy as a wink. But to start with, you will need to turn your kindle on. Just slide the on switch to left. The switch has a power symbol and is on the bottom right of your kindle.
You can start browsing your kindle with some easy tips. After downloading your e-book,  go to Home button and view your e-book selections.

If you wish to download e-book, just go to menu button and turn on wireless. Scroll down to search and find your e-book on the search engine available.

If you wish to change the orientation of the page, font size, line spacing etc, just click on AA button. Press on the button the second time to exit the window.
Hope this short easy to follow menu help. Most of the time you will find yourself trying out few option, but it is pretty straight forward direction. I am still glad I have Kindle instead of the Ipad. For the price and features it presented, what more can I ask for?


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