Garden newbie

This is my 1st year in the States and I have been through summer, fall, grueling winter, short spring and now summer came back with a vengeance.My flowers blossom wonderfully and I added small effective style to my old fashion garden.

I am among many others who used to be those who enjoy watching flowers yet unsure how to produce them. You see, I am never a green thumb, I though gardening is hard work and I don't have the skill. Little do I know such hobbies bring much pleasure specially when you came home tired from work and get to see the loveliness surrounding your home. It made your home...homier...

Here's some of my work so far, of cause my mother in law started this for I will never know how to begin with.

I added my own touch to the garden, very small but it made huge difference. Solar light gives sophistication to the ambiance. The solar light for our focal points are great since it used changeable LED light. So at night it glow from red to blue to yellow, green and so fort. I also lined the lights along the border, so to show the outline of the garden. The solar light can be relocate anytime you feel like it. It also energy saving, generating energy from the sun, great to use in summer.

My hostas came back really well, they are bigger now, but it just taking up too much space. So I decided to trim some of the leaves to make room for my new dahlia plants.

I loves, nope, I adore lilies, they are flower of life because it takes a lot to get rid of them! I have so many, and if you arrange them well, it will turn out nicely instead of overgrowing the space like a forest.
Here's some of them that bloom this past week.

Another thing that you may like to do when you have a garden, no matter how big they are, is to make sure you give your plants water, plenty of water. Best time will be in the morning or evening when the water doesn't evaporate so quickly. I normally water my plant once a day in the evening, but did them twice in the weekend. It made a huge difference, your flowers will thank you for it. My friends and families asked if I use any fertilizer, nope, I never did. I just water them religiously every day. There's so many tips available online, home and garden channel, youtube video and Good Housekeeping magazine giving out tips on landscaping.

This is an option but I think it help to keep the garden neat to put mulch or wood chips to cover the gaps between the plants. This help to keep the moisture in as well as to keep the weeds out. I hate weeds, I spent many hours just weeding. A short trip to Menards or Home Depot garden department could easily solve this problem.

Another way I decorated my small garden is by adding garden solar light and arrange them along the border plants.  They add to the charm of my garden.  I bought Westinghouse solar lights from Amazon, choosing the color changeable solar lights as focal point and few plain solar light for the garden path.  I like the looks and intended to add more for the backyard.

Hope you enjoy the tour of my little garden. :-)


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