Oberg Overlook

We went to Oberg Mountain as part of our hiking trip while in Tofte.  It wasn't too far from Sugar Beach resort, probably around 3 miles drive before we turned into Onion River Road.  Look out for "Superior Hiking Trail" sign before you signal the turn. Proceed along unpaved road until you see a parking lot.  There were two trails sharing the parking lot.  So read the map trail before you proceed, the different? Well it's 3 miles differences for that matter.  Oberg is shorter trail compare to LeVeaux Mountain trail.  We almost went on an extra long hike when my husband asked, "Why did the trail named LeVeaux instead of Oberg?" after we went on the trail for about 5minutes.

"Are you sure we are at the right trail?" I questioned. Without waiting for an answer, I turned around and headed back.  We checked the map and sure enough, we were on the wrong trail.  Pweeew...I was so relieved that we realize that early.  I am not going on another crazy hike after the Bean Lake trail.

Oberg Mountain trail was such an easy trail, we met with few senior citizens and small kids on the trail.  I recommend this to anyone who wish enjoy beautiful 360 degree view from the spur trail without exerting themselves.  It only took us about 1 hr 30 minute of leisure hike for the entire trail. We enjoy the beautiful views of the Sawtooth Range and Lake Superior, even taken some photos to share here too.  Hope you like them! 


  1. yet another beautiful pictures... i can feel the serenity

  2. I agree. My favorite place apart from the cabin.

  3. sa suka ni pemandangan..damai sangat.....


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