Twins Games at Target Field

Baseball is an all time American favorite game.  Gaining much coverage over any other games except the American Football,   I can't help to give a sneak peek of the game at least once a year.  I am not a fan of sports, any sport, but it did spark an interest since most people here talk about them at any event.  Sometimes making fun of the bad teams, which isn't unusual, American laugh at themselves and seldom take offence even if the home team happened to be the worst team of the seasons.

Tonight, my husband and I were offered a free ticket for the baseball game.  The games wasn't cheap to begin with, parking is expensive, and food at the stadium is ridiculously pricey.  For instance, a soda such as large Pepsi could cost you $4! You get what I mean? 

The stadium itself is spectacular, Target Field is a fairly new stadium with great amenities.  Even if the game is horribly disappointing,  you can walk around the stadium and still enjoy yourself since there're other things happening around at the foyer.  Varieties of food stalls and baseball merchandise dealers occupied the area to keep the business going for the Twins stadium.
The high tech sound system keep the game interesting, playing dance musics and fun blooper shots of the spectators all around the stadium.  I absolutely love the halftime break when the kiss cam was on and any couple who was zoomed in have to kiss.  Tonight, an older couple were zoomed in, the old man didn't even give a second though, he just lean over and gave his lovely wife a tender kiss. Everyone when "awwwww..." at them.

Overall it was a fun night, won't mind coming back again if we have another free tickets!


  1. byk jg orang p tgk o kan, penuh stadium

  2. Actually ni nda kira penuh..byk seat kosong actually...maybe nda full capacity. Time kami tgk semalam ada 32K org datang tgk baseball.


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