State Fair 2011 - Part 1

State Fair is an event where many vendors came together in a fair ground to sell their goods for some period of time.  The event normally held during the Summer aiming on the school holiday to attract more visitors.  This year is my second year attending the fair.  It was pretty fun experience the first time and the second is no different.  We love the state fair and as always looking forward to it every year!  The parking situation is one of the set back as usual, the parking fees is expensive and limited specially one that is close to fair ground.  The fair ticket is also expensive, so before you even get to eat anything, you already spend pretty much a lot on both parking and ticket.  But I feel since it is a yearly event, this eventually justify the cost.  Besides, we get free tickets from friends who work at the fair. (grin)

The food at the fair are simple and easy to handle, mostly on the stick.  Such as pronto pop, candy, macaroni and cheese, alligator, smores and etc,  They are hot and ready for a good bite!  I love watching the Event in the fair, farm animals contest, Miracle Barn, Farm produce competition and concert!  They are always something for everyone to enjoy.  There are also games and amusement rides for kids and adult besides what already mentioned above.


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