Dentist Trip again

I haven't had time to write on my blog.  I constantly thinking of ways to write about life, work, conversation I had, place I visited and food I tried. I am just mentally drained this week.

Today wasn't a good day to start the weekend, it's the day of my appointment with the dentistry.  I had my teeth clean, apparently they have to stretch the cleaning to 3 days.  After my next appointment, hopefully my teeth going to worth a million bucks!

The dental hygienist was nice and chatted easily to get me settle on the dentist chair. Unlike the scary dark room at the dentistry in Malaysia.  The dentist here is a cheery place, warm and professional.   It almost look like a spa, ironic when you think of it, the torture you gone through at the dentist!

The DH then x-ray my teeth to confirm which area how bad my tartar is,  then the torment begin.  First My gum is numbed with some weird tasting medicine,  then come the injection of anesthetic on various part of my mouth.  After that, it's an hour and a half of scraping, picking, buffing on my teeth.  I can clearly see red blood on the tip of the scraper.  I don't even want to mention the screeching sound the scraper made during scaling process.  Don't get me wrong, the experience went a lot better than I projected it on the page.  Apart the irritating sound of metal and teeth grinding, it was almost painless.  The jab was so gentle that I almost didn't realize it until I saw the equipment.

You may think you did enough taking care of your teeth,  I brush my teeth twice daily without fail, use mouthwash and even go to annual dentist in Malaysia.  Maybe the technology they have here enable the dentistry to detect more flaws on your teeth than the visual way it normally done in developing country.  To be honest, I never have x-ray on my teeth before, so this is very new to me.

However the torment worth it, I want to grow old with my original teeth, so having the defects detected early is very beneficial for one self.


  1. wah freda ko xray gigi ?? sya pun mau ohh.. jaga gigi bagus2 pun nda cukup kan?? - Alia-

  2. Ya bah...ada x-ray ni gigi saya..hehe.


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