State Fair 2011 - Part 3

More photos to share on State Fair, I heard someone told me that they have to go twice just so they get to cover all the ground.  For an event that only held once a year, it is definitely worth it.  People asked me what's  my favorite food, I haven't found anything I can say my favorite, but I like the smoothie bar, I had Strawberry Banana Smoothie.  I also tried Cheese curd, which is good and Turkey to go. My husband said his favorite is Turkey to go, hands down!  But I think, they are ok. 

I have Tom Thumb mini donut, which is really good, soft, tasty and hot.  Pronto Pup on the stick, pretty good. French Fries, bull bites, macaroni and cheese on the sticks. Those are good too.  I didn't try any of the rides, it made me queasy and sick, I may risk throwing up while flying in the mid air. Very messy, don't you think? 


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