I used to hear people getting robbed off their saving through unscrupulous business online.  Just recently when I had breakfast at Perkin's, the cashier told us that some company billed her for something she didn't buy and there was several similar payment until she look into her credit card statements and realize it!  I listened to her patiently wondering when I am getting my change back but thought to myself as I left the cafe, " Wow, that can never happen to me!"

Needless to say how wrong I was!  I am particular about where my cash flows. I am actually very careful with money and want to know what the bills and charges for.  Being married made it slightly challenging. You have joint account and you have shared responsibilities money wise.   I never pay attention the the joint account since I thought my husband would do that, to him, vice versa...few months passed when the account was neglected.  Out of curiosity,  I started to review the account statement.  Taking into account what the money goes to, you know, doing normal check and balance stuffs.

As I was scanning the item, stores where the money goes to, one of the item stuck me as odd.  A NTO Solution reward system $14.95 xxxx? What the....?  Both husband and I strained our brain to find out what that might be, was it ice cream? gas? groceries stores?  The only thing I can think of that was close to it was the site where I bought a scratch protector for my pans, but that was 2 months ago.

We checked the entire statement, sure enough there are 2 unauthorized payments for this,  the real charges for the goods was back in July.  I was angry beyond words.  I don't recalled signing up for any reward systems nor did I remember opening an account for  But alas, the deed was done and we have to resolve this.  Husband got on the phone, called the company and they promised to refund our money.  That was quick!  Sound like they expecting it.  My husband said, maybe when I was checking out on the billing section on, there was an automatic checked box for me agreeing to join the reward system.  I wasn't aware of this, and I think this is a total fraud.  If there is indeed a box to join the reward system, shouldn't we have the choice to check it?  Instead of having it checked for us in the first place?

Thank goodness we didn't leave our account statement sit for years without doing a self audit.  We manage to capture fraud as it's about to start.  Some people may not care about the "small" bills on the credit card but if you multiply them over the years, it will accumulate to a decent amount.

Lesson learn here, "IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU OR ME".


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