State Fair 2011 - Part 2

We walked for 7 hours at the fair ground which just proved how enormous the area was.  So if you intended to do a lot of walking, make sure you wear a comfortable shoes or sandals.  If the weather hot, it won't hurt to wear sun block, most of the stalls were out doors.  Bring loose notes and buy your fair ticket in advance. 

There are just rows of food trolleys and stalls.  New and old recipe come together to make a profit in the short amount of time.  Recession has a huge impact to the sales this year.  Many visitors still come to state fair but they are just in for the games, fun and food sharing.  Needless to say, food price was expensive and everyone feel the pinch.  The second best thing is just sharing food, and then you can get a taste of all the food but sharing the expenses with friends.  This is called "Smart Spending".


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