Apple Picking

The one thing that we in the tropical country were probably not able to enjoy is picking our own apples from the orchard.  It is quite and experience, a MUST family outing for the season.

The funny thing happen on my first apple picking session.  Both my husband and I were looking for trees for more apples but most that we seen are depleted and thin out.  SO as we avoided the front rows of trees and went further back where apples are abundance on the trees.  We thought, maybe people didn't want to make that extra walk and pick the apples there.  As we enjoy checking out nice apples for picking, a boy riding on his bike approached us.  He's polite, introducing himself and told us that those trees aren't meant for picking, only those up front.  

"Awww, what about these that we already picked?" I asked pointing at my little bag of apples.

"You can keep those," he answered.

With that note, we walked back and enjoy our remaining time at the orchard picking apples undisturbed.  I never seen apple trees before and this experience was interesting.  You don't have pick your own apples, you can buy them at the stores.  But the joy of picking them with your love ones are priceless, this is what they call quality time!  There's a small store that sold apple related stuffs, so we make a point to stop by and bought some apple doughnut (very delicious!), apple caramel fudge and apple cider drinks.

Enjoy your time checking out the photos!



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