Little Log house Pioneer Village

Last week, we have the privilege to attend a very unique wedding at Little Log House Pioneer in Hasting.  I have not expecting anything so wonderful.  Despite the cold chill and windy weather that day, I enjoyed myself tremendously.  The place were situated about an hour away and there were no short of beautiful scenery along the way.  The leaves were changing and the blue sky above give us the sense of peace,  corn fields just stretch out over the horizon, absolutely breathtaking.  The Village was actually a privately own property that preserved all building from demolition.  The buildings ranged from different era in the century. If you browse through some of the photos here, you will understand what I meant.
The place was not open for public unless there is a special event going on there, that is why I felt so lucky to experienced the day at Little Log House at Pioneer village.
If you wanted detailed information, I managed to find this on the web,

The Pink Princess House

Wedding reception was held in here.

The original Porky was closed down years back and was brought here so everyone can still reminisce the memory they spend on this joint.

An old bridge re-assemble on the property

Little wooden bidge

Pretty garden decor

Enchanted garden leading to quaint little stone well.

The gazebo where the ceremony was held


  1. cantik moi... like those fairytale stories!


  2. napa teda gmbr tu ceremony? -val

  3. Jac..Ya bah..macam kan.
    Val..gambar ceremony will be another post..:P. Stay tune.


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