Such a wonderful time in Bali.  I can't wait to get the opportunity to go back.  We went to Bali for our Anniversary, it was such a unique place, crazy traffic, bizarre merchandises and very mild temper locals.  I love the structure of the building, there were no lack of modern houses but the traditional Balinese houses captivate me.  It just ooze with sense of calmness and peace.  We are very apprehensive before coming here, we afraid Bali maybe too touristy like,  to some degree,  this is true but you can never change the Balinese characters,  it the local way of lives and how they wade through routine living.  For example the colorful daily offerings to their Gods for the thanksgiving and blessing of the day.  It just show how the religion play a very important role in Balinese community.  I love the food here especially Babi Guling and Bebek Betutu, my husband enjoy it so much we even try to look for them when we come home, so far no such luck yet.  Another nice thing here is the beautiful farmland ( paddy fields by the hills), some nice place not to miss are the Uluwatu temple and the Volcanoes, there are few, anyone of those are a treat to see.

Enjoy the photos all!


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