Admiring St.Croix River

Keeping up with the blog is becoming increasingly difficult now that my day job keep me constantly busy.  So blogging is just going to be weekend or fortnight ritual.  I admit, I am very flattered that many people do enjoy my blog.    I found that blogging is my way to connect to friends and families back home, who wish to see the other side of the world through my eyes.  I found the world specially in the fall, so amazing and beautiful.  The photos just don't do it justice, you have to smell the crisp fresh air, the falling leaves and peaceful calm water at St. Croix.  While sipping hot apple cider, compliment with mini apple donuts, I can't help to envy those people who own a home by the river.  (sigh) 
But I am glad I get to enjoy the scenery before the last leaf fall, which mean only one thing, winter in coming.


  1. lovely pictures here. I especially like the beautiful blue sky complementing the nicely detailed landscapes


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