A romantic day out at Redwing

Last weekend or early Oct, we made a quick drive down to Redwing to enjoy the leave change in a the small town South from where we reside.  The town was a very quaint little place with lots of local restaurant and family businesses.  Just the type of place you would like to retire to.  We enjoy the sunset and really good food at "Sarah".  The food turn out so much better than it looks, I am pleasantly surprise that everything was just cozy and tastefully decorated.  I also love the falls decoration all over town, they are individually decorated at every lamp post along the main street.  As you see on the photos, they are a piece of art on their own.  In fact majority of the buildings here have been carefully restored to upheld the integrity of the small town.    


  1. awwwww... how cute is that! thanks for sharing moi!


  2. No problem dear..nah...buli suda ko komen kan moi?

  3. nda lama lagi halloween..time flies...i wish someday i can Evan to celebrate halloween there...mesti best. -val

  4. bagus lah..mama yg mo candy..bawa anak p minta candy..hehe
    Evan can wear really cute costume..


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