Boys and their Man caves

Have you ever heard of how devoted men are towards their wheels?  I know that men are attached to their cars but to what extend, this photos will blow you over!  Men with money would spend lots on the man cave, even bought a garage just to protect their beloved motors.

Here's some photo I took when husband brought me to Car complex in Chanhassen.  Even if these men didn't own one, I bet each one of them dream to have one...someday, despite what their girl friend, wife think.  This is an ultimate dream for a guy!

All these men just wishing they own one of the cool cars and garage!

Complete with drive-tru side table!

Mini BMWs

The origin of mini cars

Fancy garage

Sweet rides!

Cool and restored gas pumps with neon ad lights!

Pretty common look of a garage!

Remember this? Back to the future car!


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