Backyard BBQ Reception everyone?

This might be unconventional, even too casual to some but the theme fits our personality, we wanted simple, good food and lots of fun for our guests. We only started to plan for this reception 1 month before, having had our ceremony and another reception in my home town far from the states, the stress is lesser now. From the start, we focus on good food and good cake.
We decided on having Ted Cook's 19th Hole, one of the best BBQ in town.
The service was really good, it was straight forward, in fact, we don't have have any problem with them throughout the entire time, we even hire some servers during the reception, and they are good.
Then we try few cake maker in town, we narrow down to Woullett Bakery. We have a good service during our cake tasting and during delivery. We choose Lady Baltimore Cherry, Marble Walnut, Strawberry Souffle and Devil's Raspberry. The cakes was a hit! We have 2-tier Cake and 2 sheetcakes which is decorated just the way we wanted, even the colors are sensational. Everyone just rave over the food. In fact, I heard guests admitted that they went for 3rd helpings.
We also have a medium size tent for the reception, just in case the weather turn out bad. But as fate have it, it was a beautiful day, the sun came out, weather was just wonderful. We even have some table set outside the tent for the guests.
We even have guests that take a tour in our open house, we just renovated the basement and so it is such a great opportunity for our friends and family to see our little home. We found the idea just great, guests stay on longer and having so much fun, mingling with friends and families and taking tour on our house. Well, having open bar also add to the fun, sure glad everyone was well behave the entire time! Haha.
It was just the reception that I never had and always wanted, a simple garden wedding reception with only close friends and families.


  1. Hye moi..ur old blog nda aktif lagi la tu kan? I enjoyed browsing tru ur entries. As for this one, a simple yet intimate reception :D. Very nice hehe

    Looking fwd to more entries from you soon :)


  2. skit ja gambar...uplod byk skit. glad u had a great time ;-) wish we were there too!

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  4. awwww... moi, i wish i was there to witness the whole things!

  5. Thanks for the comments, This pics taken time before the guests arrive using my camera. Still waiting for the rest of the pics from my bro in law. Nanti saya upload lagi. Hope you all visit often to my blog that is..hehe.:-)


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