Wedding program

Nobody really concern themself over this small chore, leave it to the MC. But bare in mind, bride and groom at least need to have an idea of what to expect rather than leave the whole program to the MC or DJ, which if they are professional, it will be absolutely fantastic, but otherwise it might turn out to be utter disaster. We should also consider the guests, althought the younger generation would prefer over the top entertainment, the older ones might prefer a subdue and jazzy environment. To cater both, we need to have a balance of this and never offend the host despite having explosion of creativity in mind, we should never embarass or allow vulgar performance unless you get Green lights from the host.

These are some program that is commonly use and you might like to consider them for your own:
Program A

  1. Newly Bride and Groom grand entrance
  2. Dinner Commence - slideshow presentation during dinner.
  3. Speeches ( could be parents of bride or groom) No dish to be serve during the speech.
  4. Toasting Ceremony
  5. Cake cutting and bride and groom feed each other the 1st piece
  6. Games for bride and Groom/ Bride and Groom 1st Dance
  7. Karaoke or band

Here are some alteration I made:

Program B

  1. Newly Bride and Groom grand entrance.
  2. Dinner commence with slideshow from bridal studio or homemade slideshow
  3. Toasting ceremony
  4. Cake Cutting ceremony
  5. Dance performance. Bride and Groom can join the performance as part of the gimic.
  6. 1-2 Karaoke session (pre-screen your singer before the event)
  7. Story of bride and groom. Slideshow or animation.
  8. 1-2 Karaoke session
  9. Last dance performance.

Program C

  1. Entrance for the newlywed.
  2. Thanksgiving and Grace.
  3. Dinner commence.
  4. Speeches.
  5. Toasting
  6. 1st dance for newlywed.
  7. Everyone invited for dance.
  8. Jazz bands.
  9. Bride and groom mingle as music play throughout the night

Program D

  1. Newlywed entrance accompany by music or couple's favorite song.
  2. Dinner commence after grace.
  3. Speeches by bride and groom.
  4. Toasting ceremony.
  5. Karaoke or band played for 2 slots.
  6. Newlywed 1st dances.
  7. Parents of the newlywed dance. Then follow by the rest of the guess. 
  8. Wedding slideshow.
  9. Karaoke or band.

The above are just some ideas on how to plan and ensure the program is carry out smoothly. You can either hire dance troupe or band. Each normally charge about RM1500 for the 4 hours. I got a great deal from Era Budaya for my wedding, I have 5 cultural dance, songs in between the slot and MC for the night. All for RM2100. It has been a great night for me and the guests. Hope it will give some idea for you on your big day.


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