Minnesota State Fair food

It is all about food, food and more food. The question I came across when I arrived at the fair is what to eat first? There were just abundance of food and so many activities going on. It is no surprise that the event ran for 10 days. We started our food hunt first at the milk bar. I had 2 regular cup of chocolate milk. Then we moved on to my husband favourite food of the fair. Turkey to go stand and had a fantastic feast on the fair bench. Both of us just sharing a turkey sandwich and chocolate milk.
After walking a short distant, I checked my list, oh yes, I even prepare a list of food to eat during the fair. All compile from family and friends who has been attending the fair for years. That was when I saw the pronto pups stand. I just had to have it!
Beside food, the state fair offer lots of activities, there are craft, cookies, bread, beer brewing competition and etc. These encourage many participants to create quality homemade produce such as olives oil, honey, jams and many others.
The best produce were identified by ribbons colors. Blue ribbons are the 1st, followed by red, white and pink.
We even make around to search for Gizmo burger, just one of the "must have" food in my list ;-).
We went to Axel's booth and was treated with chicken cheese burger, bull bites and macaroni cheese on the stick. Good food is great but free food is always awesome. Good thing my husband has a friend working there and so we get to eat free there.
Even if I had to pay, I won't mind, it was so delicious. I am not sure which is my favorite. I keep changing my mind every bite I had on each food.
The night won't be complete without Sweet Marta Cookies, apparently the booth managed to bring in 2 mil usd the year before, I bet this year they will double that bottom line, judging from the long line at their booth.
I love Tom Thumb donuts, it's just sweet cinnamon mini donuts just to wrap up for the night.
Before we go home, we just had to go to the Ye Old Mill, it might be cheesy but it bring back some memories to those who has been visiting the fair over the years. Why not, the Ye Old Mill has been around for 97 year, and we all hope it will still be around for another 97 years to come.


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