Malaysian Restaurant in MN

Oh yes..this was very exciting indeed. To think that I would find one Malaysian restaurant a world away is astounding. We been to a lot of Asian restaurant here, Thais, Chinese, even Indian and finally we get to go to a Malaysian restaurant. The restaurant is called Peninsula.

Peninsula is located about 20minutes from where I reside.   It's a charming place in Minneapolis.   I am a little disappointed that the waiter who serve us was not from Malaysia.  Although I did found out there was only one Malaysian in the whole restaurant.  I was surprise that the chef was not from Malaysia, the food tasted distinctly Malaysian.
Can you believe there is Tiger beer in the menu? That is the 1st thing my husband and father in law order. They just so relieved that it was even available.

It took us longer to decide on what to eat and finally when we did these are what we order.We have Satay with Peanut Sauce and Roti Canai with Curry as the dipping sauce.

This was followed by Spicy beef,

then Beef rendang,

Pineapple Chicken and Roasted duck.

We end our meal with dessert of Pulut hitam, or black glutinous rice served in coconut milk.
The price was staggering as compare to what we paid in Malaysian. The higher price may cause by  imported ingredients, the availability of chef and also the lack of competition in the market. But nonetheless, it exceeding my expectation, I thought the food might be westernize and no longer have local flavor, but it wasn't so, the food was good and everyone was satisfied with the meal. I asked my husband which part of the food was his favorite? He answered by pointing at the "Tiger Beer" bottle. hehehe


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