Little touches here and there for a personal wedding

I don't want a generic wedding, it is always nice to put some touches on them which make it entirely yours. So when the guests came, a thought came in their mind, "Wow, this is totally them!"
Wedding Invites
It started a month ago with the invites. We both want something that represent us, so we choose the states bird. Kingfisher for me and the Loon for him. It turn out so nice, don't you think?
Guest Book
You can easily get this guest book at, Partycity, the wedding outlet etc.  The plain guestbook can be easily customized by adding blings bought from local craft store. 
Guestbook pen
Next is our guestbook and pen, my mom in law bought the book because she knows how much I like lily flower. All I did is put some art work on it. I even put some sticker on the pen so it ties to the book.
Wedding favors
Then we have the wedding favors, our oriental fan, and I just repurpose the box, decorate them so it is presentable.
Wedding card box
The envelope holder took me awhile to get done, again I recycle a box, punch a hole in them, wrap them up and then decorate them with some blings.
I even decorate the plain house album we bought at a discount at Michael's.
Personalize album
Homemade Wedding placard
The menu namecard is also easily made. It practically came out of the used cardbox.
Sarong as the wedding centerpiece
I use the sarong, dinner plate and a candle holder as our centrepieces.
Our cake topper are my favorite thing of all, they are a couple of loons we got from some novelty store. I put top hat on the gentleman loon and ribbons on the lady loon. The result are just sweet
The loon couple as wedding cake topper
All in all, I love the entire looks of crafts I did on the wedding reception. The best thing is, I can use all of them long after the party is over.


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