Miaw everywhere..

Cats are lovely creators, when you pat them the right way, they purr so delightfully, taking away the stress of the day. They are so polite, have you ever come across a rude cat? When you ask them something, they always reply with a sweet Miawwww.

How long does a cat need to wait til someone notice them? Less than 5 sec.
This cat wondered away from the nearby village and finally settle at Celyn Resort in Ranau. The long walk pays off I am sure.
Angel that adores attention
This one love hide and seeks, watch closely, didn't see him yet?
Here some help, Lucky just love to nest and relax.

At least one cat in the world loves Durian, Tam tam waiting patiently for his share of the forbidden fruit.


  1. Kalo ko tya tu kucing dia mau makan ka tidak...dia misti jawab 'mauuuuu'. hehehehe.

  2. kucing ko la yg selalu lapar..beratur ja minta makan..


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