5S is a culture thing!

My husband and I was watching Hoarders on the AETV channel, it was incredible how some people could accumulate enormous household goods over the years.   Most of the houses are reeked with rubbish and garbage.  There aren't room for anything.  Rubbish are piled up everywhere, not only they are fire hazard, the houses are practically unlivable.

Basically hoarding is a compulsive disorder where people started to acquire excessive possession but would not discard them.  Every time the show came on and seeing the crew started to organize the items and sort them out on the front yard, it immediately get me thinking of 5S. I just amazed, what difference it make through 5S process.  The rooms went through transformation as you see the before and after photos at the end of the show. Very cool!

What else?
I believe that is how the cleaning crew or professional organizer would normally start their job with, they would first sort of things based on need, want or junk.  Once they have identified those items in order, they would tag them or separate them in boxes.  Keeping the item need out on the open or where it is accessible, put away those that are seldom or occasionally need and finally throw away the junk! So what they actually done is doing the 3S, but for us to prevent bringing in more junk and excessive items back into our space, we need to practice the remaining 2S, to standardize and maintaining the work or home in order.

What is 5S program?
5S is a component of Kaizen which is a system of continuous improvement program. 5S basically focus on visual management, organization, sorting and maintaining the standard.  It helps to reduce waste, improve layout, safety, work efficiency and increase profitability.  They are nonetheless a tool or improvement activities sought out during ISO9001 Quality audit.  Trust me, auditors absolutely love it!  Not only everything is visualize and in order, it gives the impression that the work area and people are on top of things.  Big plus for the company!
The best place to find 5S practices are supermarket.  Products are placed at different section, organize based on  colors, product movement etc.

What are they stand for?
5S stands for:

  • Sort - cleaning up and organized, distinguish between what you need and what you do not need. (Red-Tagging)
  • Set in Order - Organize, identify and arrange everything in a working order (label, indexing, priorities or color coding)
  • Shine - Clean and scrap out rubbish. (cleaning schedule, housekeeping)
  • Standardize - make it easy to maintain (simplify and standardize through work instruction, SOP, manual)
  • Sustain - maintain what has been accomplished (training) 

Keeping  up with 5S is a lifestyle, spring cleaning is manageable using the 5S method. Even garage sales or estate sales can be successful if 5S is implemented.  So in a nut shell, if apply accordingly 5S can make cleaning process done faster and efficiently.


  1. Maybe u can suggest this to bapa...or mama will be a better choice becos shes usually does all the cleaning the mess..hehehe


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