How to deal with annoying people?

I was reading an article about toxic friends recently,  I recalled I have these type of people in my circle of friends and ex-friends.  But what do you do if these people happens to be your friends or (cringe) families?

At least we can choose to, and in nowadays term, unfriend them if it happens to be not very close friend or just merely an acquaintance.

I been through many situation where a "friend" asked very personal question in front of everyone, now that is awkward!  Some questions are sensitive and downright embarrassing.  The worst part was they ploy a tactic to pump some information from you or your friends and families, which in the first place is none of their business.

When our patience has been tried and tried again, it just the matter of time when it reach to our boiling point and puff, you turn green like the incredible hulk.

Fear not and put your mind to rest. If the friendship become very bothersome, you may need to limit the level of intimacy with these friends.  Staying away from these circle of friends and try not sharing  personal information with them.  If you still want to keep them in your friend list, go ahead.  Thank goodness you can delete the infuriating comments on your FB walls.  (Grin) Hopefully they get the message and back off a little, if they value the friendship.  When these annoying people started to invade your privacy, double cross you behind your back and absolutely not trustworthy, then why on earth do they get in the friendlist in the first place?

Families or relatives are entirely different ball game, they tend to think they have certain rights for information.  I sometimes relented because most of them meant well.  However there is a fine line somewhere when come to dealing with families and relatives.  You sometimes have to conjure a vague answer just so you don't offend them.  In this case, I believe mutual respect is required.  Being a relatives or families is more reason for them to respect your personal space. If they still doesn't take the hint after few gentle snub, maybe avoiding  families event altogether for a spell may give you a breathing space for a while.

When my husband saw me writing this, he shook his head. That's probably not a good idea, your friends may question themselves if they are annoying or not to you.

Well, good that they do.  We may think that what we did was all perfect but sometimes we need to check ourselves, always think before we speak.  It is also a reminder to myself that I shouldn't take friendship for granted.  Remember the golden rule of ethic, "one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated."


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