My vegetable Garden

It was a wonderful experience to grow your very own vegetable garden.  This is my 2nd year growing a garden, but the 1st year I was here, the garden has been planted.  So that doesn't count.  This year, I carefully selected the vegetables I like, plant them and care for them.  It isn't very hard to do but it will get very tedious and sometimes boring.  But since the planting season is short, we spend most of the time being outside and for me tending my garden is one of my favorite activities in summer and fall.

This year I planted butternut squash, broccoli, garlic, few type of onions, few type of peppers and cilantro.  I have some corn but since I planted them late, I doubt seeing any harvest this year, perhaps I can try again next year.  I bought my vegetables at farmers market, they were sold in small pots and you can pick and choose any types you like.  Once you have rotor tilted the garden plot and loosen the dirt, it is now ready for planting .

Dig the area where you wanted to plant your vegetable to the dept of about 10-12 inch.  Then add few scoop of compost or organic matter on top of the soil (I added Miracle Gro, normally found at Home Depot, Lowes or Menard).  Once you are done with that, plant your vegetable at the proper depth.  Make sure you space the plants as they could get as much sun as possible.  Water the plant twice daily for the 1st month and then continue to water them once daily the following month.   Your plants need a lot of sunlight, so make sure you garden are not shaded by trees or building.

The tiny plot I called garden
Newly harvest garlic

waiting for my red pepper to ripe 

Broccoli ready for plucking

Butternut Squash still a long way to go

A little bigger now

Broccoli and garlic to prepare this dish.. delicious.


  1. Looking wonderful your garden. I've been harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes slowly,as they are a little slow to ripen because the weather is not that warm over here in the UK over the past weeks.


  2. I heard that the quicker you harvest, the more vegetable you going to have. But indeed I hope the warm weather last as long as it can.

  3. u shud have planted those here our backyard, its summer all year round over here..hehehe

  4. that time, no motivation yet.:P


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