The Parks in the States

I was once told that American has bulldozed their forest to make way for civilization, and there's no longer greenery available for the future generation to enjoy.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that this is not true, it was just a media ploy to brainwash us into believing the worst of the great nation.  They maybe some development in some area, but the greens were also kept and preserve.  

So far I have seen so many beautiful park around the states that have been reserved and protected.  General public are welcome to come for plenty of good exercise or just a refreshing walk on the park.  I love to see how the seasons change shown in the photo taken, see how the brown leaves in early spring and turn green in the later spring.   As you go through the park, it is hard to believe that you were  in the city still and yet able to enjoy the fresh air and calming sight.

Big mature trees around the park

Nice bridge leading to the nature park

The cotton are difficult to see, but imagine snow in spring. That is how it looks like

Pine are budding

Couple ducks just having the time of their life on the small creek

Male duck ask, " Ready for another waddle on the water, honey?"

Female duck answer, " I go where ever you go, honey."
This is another park around the city, maybe this are the same duck I seen in  spring time.

Male always follow her mate.

They are rushing against the current

But they get through them without a problem

Water look wonderful and tempting

We seem to to be stalking the ducks, but the path is actually along the river

Eerie sight in the park

Calming water again, you see this often in the park.

Another scenery along the creek


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