Father Baraga Cross Beach

This is one of the nice rock beaches along North Shore I have visited after long hike at the Superior Trail.  It was named Father Baraga Cross Beach after Father Frederic Baraga, a missionary who arrived at the beach in 1846.  Father Baraga set out on a small boat from Madeline Island in Wisconsin with and Indian guide after learning of a possible epidemic afflicting the Indian at Grand Portage.  There was an unexpected storm threatened them but their lives was spared when they were blown over the sandbar and into quiet mouth of Cross River.  In thanksgiving, they erected a wooden cross at the site, where it is now replaced by a granite one. 

The moment we stepped down from the car, my husband asked, "What is that smell?'  I sniffed the air and greeted by sweet delicious smell of honey and flowers.  The beach was covered with wild flowers and hundreds of bees just hovered over them.  The lake gave us the sense of peace, the water was cool to touch.  It was just wonderful to be there, watching the wave crashing on the rocks enticed me to sit by the rocks and let the mist washed over my face.   I wish I could just stay here forever, instead I kept the memories frozen in time for you to enjoy and delight in them.

Crystal clear water

Makes you want to take a quick dip.

I love the rock formation

Nice to just sit and relax

Waves just rushing towards to beach

Rocky beaches

Description of Father Baraga adventure

Father Baraga Cross which is now replaced with granite


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