How to transfer money using paypal?

I have been searching high and low to find an easy or rather cheap ways to transfer money back home ever since I move abroad.  The prospect of using bank transfer is pretty daunting, I never done it before but I knew someone who done it and the bank actually charge some percentage to the amount you transfer.  I seek advice from my own bank, the officer recommend me to use Paypal.  It took me awhile to study the process and finally have the confident to do it.  It is fairly easy and I hope my post would help out anyone who seeking ways to do money transfer from one country to another.

Before we start,  we just need to make sure that you already have a Paypal account.  When you register a Paypal account, you have to state where your country residence is.  Although you will be able to top-up or add on money from the bank where you reside, you will not able to top-up or add up money into your Paypal from a bank in another country.  Nor will you be able to transfer money directly into another bank in another country.

After relocating from Malaysia abroad,  I was unable to change my country reside on my existing Paypal account.  Therefore I need to open another Paypal and register my current resident and bank on the new Paypal.

This process is pretty easy.  Once you have two paypals, you will be able to transfer money from one paypal account to another paypal account.

There will be certain fees incur when you transfer money from one Paypal to another Paypal account, however the charges are pretty minimum and the process is secure.

Here's an easy step to do the transfer:

Example: Tina wanted to transfer money from US to Malaysia. How can she transfer the money at minimal fee?

1. Tina will have to add on money from her US  bank to the her US Paypal account. This will take 3-5 days (Before you were able to do this, you will need to link your bank(s) to Paypal.  There will be verification process involve where Paypal will send small amount of money to your account.  You will put the value to the verification box when you log in to Paypal)

Hit the "add money" button

Add the amount you would like to add to your bank

2. She will then be able to transfer/send her money to her Malaysian Paypal account.  This will take few second online.
Navigate your way to top right, click on pay or send money and tab on the Send money to friend or family.

Enter email or mobile# to the receiver

3. Tina then received her money on her Malaysian Paypal.  Immediately.-Email notification will be send to confirm this transaction.

4. Finally she can transfer the money to her Malaysian banks or to her families members who has bank accounts in Malaysia.

This is just an easier and inexpensive way to transfer money, for me, it is a better option other than sending money back through bank wire transfer (tt service) or Western Union etc. You can easily find how to transfer money through

There was a glitch to Paypal when it suppose to already have money available on your account balance, when it is actually in "floating" mode.  This happened when the transaction was completed that day.  I will advise you to wait for another day before sending the money out. Otherwise Paypal will add more money from your bank account to Paypal automatically.  There will be overdraft charge if there is not enough balance in your account. 


  1. Useful info! :-) Hope you are coping well with life in a new country!

  2. I am still homesick, but weather has been great. Malaysian weather! Indeed, before I post this title, I been pondering for months on how to transfer money back home. The information from other site was very helpful and unclear. I hope this could guide others to utilize their current Paypal account!

  3. oic...good info..but lots of question still.

  4. Ask away, I have tried this method and it works great for me.

  5. wow, i never knew this! thats why i love reading your writings moi!

  6. Glad that you found the info useful, moi!

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